Ingo Swann

Background: During the winter of 1972 1 was again in our fair nation's capitol. No one yet wanted to be officially seen with me, so I was taken by an Army major to a bowling parlor somewhere in Maryland. There I met with three macho military intelligence types practicing their balls and strikes, and drinking beer.

Only the apparent ranking officer talked with me. "I don't want to talk with you," he began. "But someone higher-up ordered me to. I'm not interested in any of that parapsychology bullshit. So don't talk statistics and crap like that. There's only one thing I want to know. Do you think psychics can be used as psychic spies? Yes or no, and then --you-- can get the hell outta here."
"OK," I replied. "On average, no."
"Good," he said, smiling... "that's what I think, too."
"Good," I agreed..."and now I'll got the hell outta here." I stood up to leave, saying "But you've asked a dumb question typical of psychically-illiterate people."
"Oh? Is there a better question?"
"You only wanted a 'yes or no,' and you got it. I'm outta here." "Hey, you callin' me dumb?" "Yup. And rude and crude, too." His face turned red.
"So... what's the better question... hey, you want a beer?"

A peace offering. "Look," I began, "the real question is this: does our human species possess superpowers of mind? If so, then it's our species that has potentials for psychic spying. Anyone who identifies and develops those potentials should be able to --amplify-- them. Your problem is not with individual, natural psychics. It's with the probability that someone somewhere, perhaps in Russia or China, will find and more broadly amplify the powers. Then you've got a different and bigger ballpark situation on your hands. The search for mind superpowers will not stand still, you know. Just look at your average psychic - and imagine his powers purified and amplified."

The guy looked at me rather blankly for a moment. "OK," he finally said, "you got my attention. Do you eat meat? There's a good steakhouse down the road."


Well, it's now some twenty-three years later. And the very same question still looms over the future.

Your individual reaction to the question will largely depend on whether you feel that our species possesses faculties of superpowers of mind.

If your reaction is in the negative, then you must be one of those who subscribe to a number of mental software concepts that reduce the amazing vistas of our mind potentials.

These vistas partially leak through every once in a while... into individuals who do demonstrate various kinds of superpower faculties, individuals sometimes called psychics, intuitives, telepaths or clairvoyants -- or martial arts experts.

If you are involved with any of the martial arts, especially Akhido or Jujitsu, then you'll agree that mind does possess superpower faculties which can be identified, and developed and utilized.


There is and always has been, only one obstacle to this extremely important question. The obstacle is this: human beings usually do not think of themselves as belonging to a species -- a species which contains all of them in a gigantic, collective sense.

Rather, people think of themselves as individuals, as family and clan units; as political, religious and philosophical collectives; as nations, races and cultural heritages.

However, all of these, in any format, are only smaller parts of our species' disconnected mental games. All of these smaller parts --descend-- out of our species' general mind-pool, as it were. And all of these smaller parts, no matter what they are, are --transitory.-- They come and go. They arise and disappear.

When these arise and disappear we say that "society changes." But what has really happened when society changes, is that different mind-software programs arise and disappear in the hardware of the collective human-species mind.

The hardware exists innately as a "pool" in our species almost exactly as does our species genetic pool which programs the formats of our physical and electromagnetic bodies.
It is our mind-software programs (information grids) that cause us to think differently about each other and about what we are, and are not.

But meanwhile, back at the ranch of our species' mind potentials, superpower faculties exist whether they are hidden beneath social configurations, or lay fallow, undeveloped, or discredited.


Remote viewing represents one "set" of superpower faculties -- our innate perceptual channels across distances. Rudiments of RV faculties occasionally manifest in almost everyone, even if only in dream states.

For the most part, it is only in the United States where their faculties are laughed at and where skeptics control mainstream antagonism to them.

If you out there who feel we have superpower faculties don't speak up and shout down the skeptics, then it's YOUR nascent superpowers that are quailing before their ridiculous stupidities. And you belong to the great but --silent-- superpowerless majority.

The WorldWide Web is --yours,-- you know. Not theirs. But it's skeptics who are making the most noise in it, pooping on your innate superpower faculties.