Ingo Swann

Message - 1 (O8Dec95)

Twenty-two years ago, the Intelligence Community of the USA was required to respond to the threat of Soviet psychotronics (--applied-- psychic forces). A great deal of confusion abounded back then. But I was invited to give my opinions.

The invitations were unofficial at first, since no one in Washington wanted to be seen talking with a psychic. So the talks anonymously went on in noisy bars in L'Enfant Plaza and at pizza parlors. Eventually I was invited to give formal briefings inside DIA headquarters and in the Pentagon.

From the start it appeared that no one in Washington really knew what psi was. After all, American mainstream sciences and academe had taught that psi faculties didn't exist -- or that alleged psi was the result of delusion or clinical mental disorders.

In this light there was no need to take any real interest in the silly topic of psi faculties. So, from congressional levels on down through the systems, the most that people knew about psi was usually imbibed from science fiction sources. But now there was a mad rush to find out what psi really was. 

When I realized the large extent of this confusion, it seemed apparent that some basic orientation was broadly need. And so, as it was said back then, "Ingo comes to re-educate Washington." 

I brought with me five simple, but basic, orientation messages. The first one was designed to show why no one really knew what psi was. These five messages are again needed today, now that remote viewing has gone public and confusions abound once more.


The history of psychic research and parapsychology from 1895 to about 1972 (a 76-year period) reveals that less than 300 researchers had existed. This was an exceedingly small population among the 2.5 billion Earthlings, so small as to be unnoticeable. Indeed, other such minuscule numbers researching any other topic were never noticed.

Yet the psi researchers and their topic were treated in the mainstreams to overwhelming and usually negative exposure. My listeners generally agreed that this was the case. But when I asked if they could explain why, none could do so.

So, I asked them to bear with me while I brought something to their attention, something that was going to alter their perspectives if they grasped the implications. 

I pointed out that the psi research population was very tiny. But that their topic was a very big one. That big topic involved not just a few "psychics," or a few psi phenomena and their few researchers. Rather, and in reality, it involved the psi faculties of --our entire species.-- As I explained, psi --could not-- manifest worldwide, as it does, --unless-- its potentials were universally distributed through our species --- perhaps somewhat in the same way our DNA is distributed. If this were so, then psi faculties are a human species potential --- and perhaps everyone could have access to them.

If you think this through... well, various formats of psi faculties --have-- emerged since the beginning of our recorded history. And the same faculties are likely to continuously emerge in all born generations of humans.

But the recurring emergences throughout history clearly establish that psi faculties are a species endowment before any of them can become individualized in a given human being.

Our species, Homo sapiens, is thus a psychic species in addition to all its other faculties and attributes.

One major deduction is possible if one thinks this way of the situation. Any nation which seriously undertakes to research and develop psi faculties ultimately will achieve applied advantages. This includes the (former) soviet Union, China and any other nation which might recognize the species-wide potentials of applied psi.


I now asked my listeners to take a piece of paper, and on it put a minuscule dot on one side representing psi researchers. Then I asked them to make a very large circle on the other side representing our species-wide psi potentials. The reason for this was that people can't see things very well in their heads, but can do so if they look at a format on a piece of paper.

I then pointed out that the social responses to the small dot were overly big --not-- because of the small dot but because of the big circle. The huge social responses were generally negative, and were patent attempts to destroy the small dot --in order to prevent the organized emergence of the potentials contained within the big circle.--

I then explained that any organized emergence of those potentials would be incorporated as super-psi faculties.

I then pointed out that there is an actual, widespread --intuitive Fear-- of these super faculties since their applications would give obvious advantages to those who develop them.

I then pointed out that the big circle can't be reduced since its potentials are carried within our species, and are continuously and potentially reborn when babes are born -- Russian babes, Chinese and American ones. All of us born are carriers of potential psi faculties subtly indwelling within the species.


Since the big circle cannot be reduced, there is only one way to prevent the organized emergence of applied super-psi faculties which are feared. This is to give the small dot and the big circle a bad name, to artificially engineer and mobilize social fear against --both of them.--

I then asked my listeners to put something between the small dot and the big circle which would be called "Spin" or "Spin Doctors." Now, on the paper we would have the small dot, then the spin doctors, and then the large circle. 

I then asked them to increase in size the spin drawing around and around until it included the small dot and the big circle. Now all one largely would have on the paper is a big spin which obliterated the small dot and the big circle.


I believe it was Pierre Salinger, former press secretary to President John P. Kennedy, who conceptualized "spin" and "spin doctors." But those two crafts which engineer opinion have been in existence for a long time under other names.

Psychics were once condemned as heretics and burnt at stakes, which definitely gave our species psi potentials a negative spin. In modern times, the spins were that human species psi was irrational, of illusion, of abnormal psychiatric disorders and, worst of all --- unscientific. Negative spin factors, one and all.

I then pointed out that everyone develops mental grids via which they process information. This meant that everyone has processing information about our species psi faculties through mental grids engineered by anti-psi spin doctors. Many, but not all, people think through spin-grids not through knowledge grids.

It was, therefore, not surprising that no one knew anything about real psi faculties, and probably feared them as well.

Hence the monumental size of the confusions, a size corresponding with the size of the accumulated spin factors.


I now asked my listeners from the intelligence communities to draw a line from the small dot through the spin factors and end up in the middle of the big circle, and to put a small arrow at its end.

There at the line's end, I said, is a whole new world of potential super-psi faculties. That should be your target if you want it. But that target involves not just me or any other psychic, but the indwelling psi potentials of our species. I warned that they would not make any progress --unless-- they considered our species psi potentials. Psi faculties --are-- an indwelling species thing, you know. And it doesn't matter what your spin grids think.

Your spin grids are transitory. Our species-indwelling psi faculties are permanent -- even if suppressed.