Ingo Swann
Message - 2 (10Dec95)

In late October 1971, I and a colleague were in Washington. This was still a time when no one wanted a psychic anywhere near their official premises. So we met in bars and pizza parlors (the Pizza Parlor Conferences on Psychic Warfare). On this occasion there were six spooks. But one seemed very important because when he opened his mouth to talk, everyone else shut up immediately. Actually, he didn't say much, but when he did it was always with a pointed question.

"Mr. Swann," he said, "If you were going to set up a threat analysis program to match what the Soviets are up to, what would you do?"

After gathering my wits, I responded: "Well., there would be two major options, both of which should be pursued. If --they-- are really interested they would be trying to locate and recruit psychics on a broad scale, to test and experiment with them." (It was known at this time that the KGB was undertaking such a recruitment, from as far away as Tibet and Mongolia where shamans and monks with powers were located and dragged to Russia by force.)

"But if you follow this option, you will be dealing with American citizens who can't be dragged and forced. You will have to convince them to work on your behalf, and most psychics I know don't like the intelligence community. But this should somehow be followed up.

"The second option is to institute a broad inquiry into the nature and processes involved, at least regarding psi perceptions which would be amenable to psychic spying, psychic penetration. To do this, you must assume one thing that's not been assumed before. You must assume that psi potentials are broadly a human species thing, and thus generally available everywhere.

"If this is so, then there must be psi constants involved, constants that can be harnessed if they can be identified. If these constants are revealed and understood, then you can assume that the Soviets are probably looking for them, too. Both options should be followed to see where they lead."

The 'conference' then removed to a quite nice bar in Laurel just outside of Washington proper. There the chief spook took me aside and asked if I ever received a security clearance. "Yes, in the Army -- S and TS." "OK," he responded, "do you mind if we got it reactivated?" This was my --second-- message, quite spontaneous.