Remote Viewing?

Ingo Swann 

There is something very wonderful about remote viewing. But you have to get your mind-grids beyond a few things in order to fairly consider it. Beyond the sensationalizing of the govt connections... beyond the anti-psi spin grids... beyond the nomenclature problems.

Beyond these you encounter the --fact-- that remote viewing potentials are innate in our species. Thousands upon thousands of psi formats have been documented since about 3,000 BC, in all cultures, in all countries, down until today. Although denigrated in modern times, psi is everywhere among us -- and it makes of our species a --bio-psychic-- one.

No one with any thinking capacities will deny that our species possesses --powers of mind-- that far exceed our biological factors and parameters. Many psi faculties exist among these powers of mind, and among these are remote viewing faculties. If you can't address this issue, then it is not the fault of our species potentials. It's the fault of engineered anti-psi spin grids you have bought into.

Now, here's the wonder of remote viewing- if RV potentials exist, then the faculties in some way have to be --connected-- or --wired-- into Virtual Reality Space and Time (VRST). VRST transcends the limits of linear space-time. RV faculties, then, equate to some kind of VRST accessing -- to something akin to a space-time-machine kind of thing.

The sensations experienced by --Exiting-- the linear space-time software program and --Entering-- the VRST hard drive are exhilarating and ecstasy-making. Mind-power expansion, connection to universals, up-linking into perspectives that transcend down-linking into the limits of conventional linear space-time. Experiencing all of this is --beautiful,-- nearly beyond compare. --But!-- It has to be --experienced-- in order to fully appreciate what it is. Then one finds we don't have the proper English words to describe it.

People who experience spontaneous remote viewing (SRV) may or may not notice this beauty -- mostly because the SRV event may be very short and transitory, but also because their mind wiring might be mixed up and littered with anti-psi spin grids.

However, tutoring in controlled remote viewing (CRV) erects proper and correct mind grids commensurate to the virtual remote viewing faculties. Yes, one has to be --correctly re-wired-- in order to sustain up-linking into the VRST hard drive.

--Then-- one finds oneself experiencing the beauty and ecstasy of Being In, or free-floating in, the "Cosmos" (for lack of a better word).

Granted, SRV and CRV might "see" some bad things; but beyond those occasions the experienced sensations of the sustained up- linking are wonderful, beautiful and fabulous. Experiencing Connections to shared universals makes for a new reality.