Ingo Swann's published works include:


Although To Kiss Earth Good-bye, Natural ESP and Your Nostradamus Factor are out of print, the others have been re-released as ebooks, audio books and paperbacks and can be purchased via Amazon  and Barnes and Noble.

International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) has a select number of Ingo's original printed books still in stock (Reality Boxes, Secrets of Power, volume 1, and The Wisdom Category) and available for sale through their website.

"But the Sayer of Tales said: ‘I can’t stay. There are places to go and things to see.

But your own minds’ eyes can see their own tales if you let them – and can see more than tales if you let them also.'" 

-- Purple Fables


Star Children Album

In collaboration with Steven Halbern, Ingo conceived and produced an album entitled Star Children.  This was to be the soundtrack of a movie based on Ingo's best-seller at the time, Star Fire.