Ingo Swann's published works include:


"But the Sayer of Tales said: ‘I can’t stay. There are places to go and things to see.

But your own minds’ eyes can see their own tales if you let them – and can see more than tales if you let them also.'" 

-- Purple Fables


Star Children Album

In collaboration with Steven Halbern, Ingo conceived and produced an album entitled Star Children.  This was to be the soundtrack of a movie based on Ingo's best-seller at the time, Star Fire.

Although To Kiss Earth Good-bye, Natural ESP and Your Nostradamus Factor are out of print, the others have been re-released as ebooks, audio books and paperbacks and can be purchased via Amazon  and Barnes and Noble.

International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) has a select number of Ingo's original printed books still in stock (Reality Boxes, Secrets of Power, volume 1, and The Wisdom Category) and available for sale through their website.